E-Motional Rollercoasters

Lurking in the shadows of our every mood

Check thy jokes and sarcasm for thy true feelings are subdued

And The Dude sees the workings of Energetic Anatomy

Cover thyself in the mist of ignorant bliss to keep a recharged battery

Disputes with colleagues, friends, family or life partner

Misuse of valuable fruits and vegetables will manifest a disfunctional gardner

The onomotopeias of thy truest feel shines brightly in the dark

Pressure busts pipes to turn coal into diamonds and this is the amusement park

Close attention to the speed of decisions for they must be paid

Unstrategic moves done haphazardly shall have the body aired out and laid

Let not the roller coast thee around but coast the roller whenever the feelings come to town


© 2019 Maranate


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