Definitions Of Epic

Dialogues with the self left him curiosity stricken

Leaves touch the air as the breeze thickens

The Royal Flush is ALL once thy heels begin the clickin’

Times of the present I love to Heighten thy Attention

It’s a yellow brick road everyone goes down to see that life is lookin’ and listenin’

Sprees of Blogtastic Voyages to enthuse thy soul

Embraced with cosmic substances granting an abundant unfold

Loaves of bread and fish for many

Gazes upon….

There’s plenty

Such a ravishing state of affairs, write something and reach infinity

Profound understandings usually come around in these hours

New tempos when the awareness change, sorta like instant powers

Deliveries of Blogulized Papers dipped in cool scenes

Imperial Collections of Epic Shit and what it truly means

Daily looks upon artistry really makes my mind cream

Blogged lines of thy current situation and dream

Thrown upon digital canvases presentened to everyone in the stream

For the magick in the very act of writing is an enchanting gift given

We ALL are The Definition


© 2019 Maranate

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