Methods of Legacy

And as the stanzas begin to cry out the tears of a joyous occasion

The importance remains important so that’s the obligation

Unconscious situations created by each piece of consciousness is very detrimental to the mental

Awareness of what’s going on around and within has become The Essential

So sporadically speaking one must be BOLD in thy endeavors

Aeons away from even the intellectually clever

Editing and restructuring life as if it were a blood bond

Molding and sculpting the ideas into existence, a regular Madame Tussand

Systematic Programming is key, every day is pretty much dedicated to building something that lives beyond and with thee

Tremendous potential unaccomplished roams the cemeteries worldwide

Thoughts of should’ve, could’ve, would’ves from millions with no last reply

And the demise begins the rise of what is left by what use to be

Once its left in the heart it basically becomes a legacy


Ā© 2019 Maranate

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