Purple Pineapples

A bag of fruit can usually take the edge off and quickly relax the tension

Introducing the Poetic Subliminals, may I have your undivided attention

Take a seat with I and Manny Strains

Let us build a circumference around your brain

Force field of intergalactic understanding

Bask in this Heavenly Weekend because the week can be so demanding

Let go of any mention of anything in third dimension

Spit fire to desire and transform the intuition

The envision of your comprehending the following could be lifted

If the feelings mutual then you know we both got fruited

The delivery of every type of moment must be seen

Giving you Chronicles of A Lifter if you know just what I mean

The ability to proceed as the air hits the trees

Is the ability to agree to the power in thee


© 2019 Maranate


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