The Current

Consider yourself a living, breathing appliance

There’s an energy running through every human on Earth, make it your alliance

The power we call God is always near and dear

Neglect it and think you’re just going through life, then prepare to have FEAR

The stories that occur around us all are caused by the narration of this power

Synchronicities of bumping into people, places, random phone calls of individuals you may need every hour

So awareness of the events that unfold inside our day

We can call them “BirdBox Messages” that shift us to the correct way

To stay in tune with The Current is to exercise, read and obtain enough sleep

Charging the Spirit Battery inside which is you, maintains the highest peak

Activities of sexuality with your mate can also seal the deal

But the friction of unbalanced connectivity will definitely become real

Now continue to seek The GOD FREQUENCY and you’ll forever be strong and rooted

Abuse your appliance to much, you’ll find yourself ELECTROCUTED


© 2019 Maranate


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