Maranate : The Biography

Gold and cresent moons

An alchemist with life, molding it with poetic tunes

To assume you know The Dude would be rude, so let me interlude

A crystallized being in Earthly flesh who arrived in ’82

Original fella under the umbrella of fresh and brand new

Dreams of blessing stages with pages of reasons for rhymes

High powered values and the seeking of knowledge kept him from the grind

Though there were periods of musical success

Gaining a sense of self to avoid overbearing wealth, now is the time to Re-New the process

Allow me to Re-Introduce this guy his name is


Because he Meditates and Realizes accurate Notions are Timeless entities

As we go through the degrees of the blogetic M.C.

The understanding of his purpose should be understood indubitably

So many roads for us to choose to get caught up in worldly trends

Everybody in search for answers not really knowing they rest within

Writings for your biting you can chew upon these blogs

Food for your soul he provides it at The Klog

No interest in the stagnation of orthodox living

So many signs about the mind and how its DIVINE is what he’s giving

The definition of true SELF DEVELOPMENT is his key

The serial blogging continues after this biography


© 2019 Maranate

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