1111 Blog Avenue

Stepping into the am of the next day blazin’ saddle

Speakers up so loud you can hear the trunk rattle

I am amazed by the unfolding of things

So the gathering of new thoughts becomes the new place to hang

Familiar faces tracing traces trying to figure out where they were before

There’s a small portion of dedicated knockers on heaven’s door

But if you take a trip to Blog Ave

So the moments line up and the flood gates open

The drowning of epiphanies in a pool of mind scopin’

I become so high when my mind starts biting, I literally take the fuck off as I AM writing

Stanza after stanza I dance with eternity

99.9% of the time this device is grabbed and BAM

The Dude’s FREE

This place ain’t just a hobby no more you can really BE

While the MAGICK rest in the tips of fingers with dances through cyber waves

We shall hang out again and place everyone in a daze

Because around here they take their time with creative ways

And the next trip will be soon just pay attention to the signs

You don’t even have to move just change the thinking of your mind

And the moment will inevitably find you anew

I ain’t goin’ home no more

I live on Blog Avenue


© 2019 Maranate

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