The Divine Femininity

She is the Great Recipricator of life, rather sister, mother, daughter, niece or wife

While the power she posesses is a very strong force

There’s a balance requirement for existence and that’s the Masculine Source

All of her being is imperative to the process

Egos placed aside or interactions become a mess

We commit to our daily obligations with her forever in mind

To neglect her for to long we leave our reflections far behind

So our Sunni Dae maybe bright and shiny as we go

To remain without our Luna Lit, EVERY MAN WILL CEASE TO GLOW

We get out of her what we put in, you can see this pattern everyday

Be vigilant of your internal for the unconcealing is what you do and say

As I continue to walk the path and gain a better understanding of she

I shall move with My Own Feminine as it guides my moves with WE


© 2019 Maranate


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