Poetic Overloads

Sensations of verbal concentrations slip away from my fingers

Eyes glued to the PC’S, Droids and IPhones as the blogetic shocks linger

If you’re a stranger to The Dude allow me to interlude

For he is the debonair of day and the nomad of night

A giver and deliverer of soul and might

So you might wanna keep close to the funnel of cool

Giggles of inspiration and liberation leave your internal polarities subdued

Content is King and Queen when it comes to a creative stream

Sleepy Town and Awakened Avenue, The Dude dwells right in between

Satisfactions of grammatic actions drift you away to new abodes

Pick one of your liking

For there’s plenty to choose from Poetic Overloads


© 2019 Maranate

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