Neurocinematic Blogetry

Email notices blossom the lotus of your blooming

Consistencies of verbal play, I love the process of grooming

For within the heart is where I choose to be, once the movie is read

May you carry these works into your future and even past your death bed

Messages of Rebirth after the Hell of the physical is over

Life is a blessing and so is Death, we’re like a multiplicity of Novas

Shines from afar and near shall never fade and go

Each work shared here with you is a literal movie show

Nourishment for your mind and in time your body receives

Waters of divine energy and sunlight of your serene

For we are the plants of the world equipped with creative chlorophyll

Your surroundings is your garden and can quickly become a landfill

Be wise in your choice of theater as it morphs into habits

Bring awareness to the images of your neurocinematics


© 2019 Maranate


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