The Blogetic Vortex

Whirlwinds that spend out of control with control

The Emanicipated Strong Hold has arrived to touch your soul

Make way for the enormous tornado of rhythm and word

Promises of the very best you have never heard

Its absurd and filled with primordial grit and grime

By the time you pronounce the title its already in your mind

So come find yourself a new home and place of work

Bask in the blogetic showers of this cosmic dirt

I use all the pain and then heal with vocab pleasure

Put ink to pads that goes beyond years a pioneer and transgressor

The elimination of your inhibition has come to fruition

Get caught up in my rapture with an open heart and take a listen

I envision at this moment you no longer feel a vex

Invitations, appreciation for standing in the Vortex


© 2019 Maranate

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