Philosophies Of Maranate

Days of new, days of old

The watchings of my actions educate the untold

The jewels I perceive give me my needs

I share and I care indubitably

I cradle my thoughts, then give them away

Meditation, realization, now there’s something to say

Inklings of intelligence improves my relevance

Mental alignment renders Divine Resonance

The studies of Life, I dive in her deep

The Great Cosmic Mother

I sow and I reap

I live by the codes of Universal Laws

I embrace all of my attributes and all of my flaws

What dwells on the surface intrigues the most eyes

I dwell in the SHADOWS among the origins of cries

Understanding is the goal every time I write these

My lessons are my blessings that become my philosophies


© 2019 Maranate

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