The Therapeutic Typer

Magickal moments are real, so don’t believe the hype

Critics will tell you anything to discourage you not to type

With every writing you engage, use the recesses of your INFINITE mind

Placing yourself in temporary illusions leaving all of 3D behind

Unwind and dilute your bag of concentrated ideas

Listen to your stories as literal symphonies and capture the onomatopoeias

Leaving each reader on the edge of their fleeting seat

Composition written so ahead of time its own author can not compete

Delete your needs of perfections, realistic connections and entirely embrace the flow

The answer is in what mentally manifests not in what you already know

As the Shadow Self begins to unfold to a future moment where you are bold and all existing now is placed on HOLD

This is when you see

We’re not just twiddling our thumbs

We’re in therapy


© 2019 Maranate


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