The Ritual

Grab your device and have a seat

Read this twice and then repeat

Think about your deepest desire

Hold the thought in your sacred space while a candle is at fire

Couple of breaths in and out, mentally scream your desire with a shout

With your eyes closed continue to wallow

Become one with your desire as you subconsciously swallow

See yourself fully immersed into your want or need

Vision your goals accomplished and the days unfolding you to succeed

Couple of deep breaths one more time

Feel the workings being done by your subconscious mind

Sit there for a while as the candle burns

Release your attachment to the outcome and begin to learn

Have no worry, have no fear

Let go and let God or the desire will disappear

Slowly come back to the realm of the physical

And let the entire candle burn to solidify the ritual


© 2019 Maranate


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