The Alchemy of Anger

What the fuck?????????

It rises from the root chakra on up

Sometimes I don’t even know where it comes from

Was it the car that cut me off in traffic or the lady in the store taking to long being dumb

Could it be the very ones next to me or am I getting on my own nerves secretly

Do I wanna be further than I already am

Is it my important email I’m looking for through all the spam

What the fuck????????

Tell me how to feel, calm down, be cool, give it time to heal

What the fuck????????

Its the other side of my polarity, I’m beginning to see how my anger brings in clarity

What the fuck?????????

The fire that burns makes me yearn for multiple desires at every turn

What the fuck?????????

Am I alone in the ways I feel or do you muthafuckas continue to lie keeping your TRUE SELF concealed

What the fuck?????????

I use every part of me, even my fuckin anger gives me balance alchemically

What the fuck?


© 2019 Maranate

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