Cosmic Conversin’

Billions and billions of stars wonder who they are

Sit across from each other on Earth and still can’t see that far

Frequencies of language full of contentment and anguish

Detachment is my method of choice

Definitely in the times of most of these humans creating destructions with their voice

Half of the vessels you meet, will be ig-norant of this verbal defeat

Cheating their way through with tons of Matter, only to outgrow the shit eventually making them sadder

So the objectivity of this Earthly cover and all it entails

Leave most conversations with nothing to tell very well

The MAGICK is in YOU who dwells inside that suit

Careful of the vanity and insanity of beauty, handsomeness and cute

Let the words shoot from the heart

For you shall be grateful in the END because of your START

Get caught up in the UNSEEN OMNIPRESENCE of each day’s burst

Stay COOL in the curves of life when you Cosmic Converse


© 2019 Maranate


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