YOU: The Movie

The Source of All and Mother Nature presents


A story of the clue that becomes a purpose

Driven by e-motions, desires, dreams and urges

The movie has many parts, its a sequel and prequel every time it starts

The many stories within the stories within the story

Consistent reflection and objective observation reaps the glory

Let the movie play out its scenes

Don’t get distracted by the physicality of what it seems

In this flesh, we see things as we are

Adjust your perception and the eye shall go far

Limit your imagination not

For when you do, your faith shall fold and rot

Pay attention to the actors, because their role in your production is a major factor

Be aware of the audience as you pursue

Be more aware of the audience that begins pursuing YOU


© 2019 Maranate


  1. “A lass from West Yorkshire named Mandy
    Finds that films make her terribly randy
    Ten minutes in Imax
    Will bring her to climax
    So living in Bradford is handy”

    – From “Northern Limericks” © by Ben Naga.

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