Mood Music: The Jazz Ode

We met in a time when my mind was still young

The grasping of your concepts were too complex for my adolescent tongue

It wasn’t until I was of age, when life changed the stage and showed me shades of rage

In that occurence, I started to play with the currents dancing in the bell of horns

Went to a spoken word session accompanied by saxophones and trumpets meshin’ and I was reborn

Torn from the powers of HIPHOP, take away the beat apparatus and leave the horns blowin’, your lips will lock

In the silence is where you discover the lyrics

Deep breaths and an equalized stereo, I can feel your spirit

Miles, Thelonius, Herbie, Duke, John, Charles and Wynton for example

Grab a couple of these albums and your creativity comes in ample

But still its only a sample of the Heavenly Sounds that have touched this Earthly ground

You can go to Anywhere, U.S.A and hear it at many places in any town

If it wasn’t for you, melody would not have advanced

If it wasn’t for you, music would not stand a chance

So I conclude with gratitude

I love you Mood Music

The Dude


© 2019 Maranate

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