The Return of Old School

Hop aboard the BlogShip and let’s trip

Reading thru dimensions of forgotten traditions

Tired of the bullshit being put out for us to listen to

I can’t go for that like most

Boombox, kangol cap, tightly rolled doobie, blasting Hall & Oates

The sight of my uncle’s 8track player left me in awe

Granddaddy’s garage is full of Jazz records I never saw

As soon as I grow up I’m fascinated by the Dj’s pulling from crates

Walking to school in third grade, headphones and MC. Hammer tapes

Starter Jacket in the cold and Bubble Yum bubble gum in my pockets

Candy sold to the school kids for more candy and a profit

The moments like these ease my mind in binds of today’s ways

Realizations of yesterday’s learning brings more appreciation to the present phase

The world is still the same and the only change are the tools

Adaptation has taken place, but I’ll always love The Old School


© 2019 Maranate

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