Millennial Man

Methods of old usher in steady results

Still of the same cloth leaving dream filled kids as UNENLIGHTENED ADULTS

Looking for their innocence drowned in “a substantial living”

Lost people in a world of take, portraying their giving

Time shall bring forth days of DESTRUCTION

Financially hurt individuals will disrupt society with NO DISCUSSION

Views upon views all viewed with skewed consideration

The future has a dim light, but a bright observation

Out dated blueprints and moguls of the now

Shall perish if their not TIMELESS, I’ll tell you how

Technology has sprung the unheard talents from the boxes they’ve been buried in

The Millennial Men and Women are on the rise, let the games begin

Unorthodox fashion and complete with PRIMORDIAL INSIGHT

The sounds of the old’s demise as they slowly realize is such a delight

We all go out of style eventually, It only counts done here on Earth

Who gives a phuck SPIRITUALLY


© 2019 Maranate

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