Painted pictures of a world that whispers totally free

I live in a world where all my essentials are provided naturally

I don’t even have to pay for energy

That was what Nikola Tesla intended

Not for electricity to be produced from our very own bodies
While we make money and spend it

Bill after bill wasn’t right

I live in a world where M.C.’s with mics lyrically heal wounds at night

The car jackers, kidnappers, murderers and burglars are giving out daps and hugs, they have no time to be a thug

While the people that run the world CEASE TO EXIST

We took that shit back in 2030, the WHOLE WORLD GOT PISSED

So now the illegal taxes is a yesterday’s thing

We got PEACE in the USA, those muthaphuckas went out with a bang

Now the energy of the planet is at a tranquil level

But the lower self never dies, so there’s always lurking devils

But a balanced picture must be obtained, until the black hole swallows the frame

The Canvas, what are you painting?


© 2019 Maranate

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