Good Life For Beginners

If you’ve made it to these words between 22 and 104

Brace yourself its time to learn more

Reverse the patterns that you don’t like and examine where you need insight

Everything’s all right

Begin to fill your cortex with literary blessings

Books upon books upon books you should be addressing

The analyzation of this dream never ends

The seasons change and realizations only begin

For the mind is your Super Computer while you’re here

The devices have nothing on what’s in the middle from ear to ear

Finances will always arrive, long as your seeking outweighs your drive

What’s the purpose of LIVING if never no GIVING

So your art shared and somebody cared enough to show it back

Small things but precious strings that keeps our future intact

Cosmigatin’ in every decision that’s my first wife

And that’s how I live a Good Life


© 2019 Maranate

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