Chronicles Of Newsfeed

Wake up Wake up Wake up

What’s in your newsfeed cup

A bag of problems accompanied by still or moving visual

Lemme give you a pound of this blogtivity, this shit has become a ritual

The consistent viewing of these flashes will eventually become spiritual

Feeding on the thoughts of your daily behavior

Altering your perception of reality like an overbearing neighbor

Cut your phone off from time to time

The darkness needs your help to keep your physical life in line

I leave rhythms in your head that fill you with sublime

There’s a pot of primordial soup cookin’, have a bowl of shine

And when you become thirsty once more

The wings of my Intergalactic Blogship shall enable you to soar

With the pedal to the floor, I adore my cellular pad tour

Kisses from my creativity, I call it Mi Amor

As the day passes, we thumb the wheels with ease

Releasing dopamine the second our eyes are pleased

Questions on the surface morbidly bleed

I ask you

What do you get from your newsfeed


© 2019 Maranate

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