Back 2 The Ethers

Sun brightly gleaming the side of my face, revealing the concealed glow

The year is 2020 and the success is oozing from head 2 toe

There’s a catalog of about 10,000 pieces, eons beyond eons, may you FEEL My releases

With fluid flows of energy being poured into the planet

I take whatever I need, place it in my songs and jam it

For the cosmic exchange is a constant cycle

Thinking ahead can help you out run any matter like Michael

Open the door of The Delorean and make your tomorrows now

The Blog Ship Staff will show you how

There’s a way for everyone to reach their WOW

Intimacy with yourself and its higher intention

Take a chill in the middle of your mind and embrace intervention

A travel that has no sense of time for the unfolding happens with every line

And an open mind will never have to find

It will just be

Back to the Ethers, where I’m set FREE


© 2019 Maranate

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