The Due Diligence

Masterpieces of distant memories come and go

But the capturing of the details remain on playback in slow-mo

Traces of the faces and places where things didn’t work

Atomsmash those individuals opinions, I stick to my own research

The lives that we live are individually molded

I meet optimist and pessimist, but some of the pessimist don’t even know it

To hold on is to go on believing in their reality

My pockets are filled with money and dreams, I don’t need charity

But I’ll give you some Broadview if you’re in need

I teach men how to fish so they get fed and know how to feed

I bleed with empowering encouragement

I place blogs of poetry online and leave a heart felt dent

Tremendous portions of digital blessings at my expense

My bank will never run out of funds due to the diligence


© 2019 Maranate


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