Theory Of Moments

To read, is to be free

Mentally, physically, spiritually

Reading will cover all three

Let the pages strengthen your phases of reality

Conduct experiments frequently on your mental anatomy

Take deep dives into the depths of your being

Merge with the darkness to understand the light you’ll be seeing

I create a muse as I begin to choose these Royal Flushes

Place Heavenly Energy on every piece as I give you the blushes

So get involved with this rapture it can be very enlightening

I got a Book of Blog scriptures if you ever need some mental tightening

While the process is conducted by honing in on every millisecond

I anticipate the next powerful moment and it’s every beckon

Making room for every boom that comes along with a sweeping broom

I give breath to those sensations, cultivate’em and make’em bloom

Time does not exist but yet it still seems to past

The magick is in the action that you choose to take last

The Moments


© 2019 Maranate

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