The Perils of Low Thoughts

You come in many forms

So many vessels, every other second you’re born

And I realize that some time you can attract my attention

But muthafucka listen…………

I understand that you’re an illusion

A representation of something in my internal confusion

But let me worry not

I got control over my polarity rather cold or hot

The realization of you being apart of me and not my enemy has become clear

May I unfold with more awareness of what goes before my eye and ear

Kung Fu kicks applied to the rising of these little fucks

They show up as loud mouths and unbalanced individuals with little luck

And your very thinking manifests these vampires

Draining energetic fuel like air out of tires

I live in the middle of Earth and my own oblivity

How do you balance negativity


© 2019 Maranate

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