The Catalog Classic

Every piece precedes me

Every publication relieves me

I stand strong on the back of this work

A representation of my cosmic worth

I just pull and pull and pull from the never ending stream

I love to put pictures with flows, I’m just a cover artist’s dream

I do it consistently to leave myself clues and rules for future moves

I got a bag of poetry, why don’t you pick a mood

I promise to leave you feeling better than ever before

Call this classic shit and return later for some more

Shall it leave you floating down a river in a secured, bullet proof raft

I go grab the whispers out of the darkness and blog it all like H.P. Lovecraft

If you’re looking for Hip-Hop, it’s everywhere and no-where at this time

Go on over to theknowledgelog, I think Hip-Hop took over the Dude’s mind

So you find your way back to me, let’s make a hit

Whenever Hip-Hop leaves you again, come read this classic shit


© 2019 Maranate

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