Open Road Realizations

The wheels begin to turn

And as the rubber burns, the drive down 95 ignites my creative fire

The Dude uses every chance he gets to take you higher

The steering wheel is held by my knee

I do this shit so much, you would say I live bloggish and dangerously

But one can’t fight the inspirations that pour in

Takin’ trips from state to state, as my thumbs tell my actions again

The sites of many trees, green pastures and miles of open concrete

There’s other cars around but they dissolve as the road and my eyes meet

Giving way to the destination of endless epiphanies

I take pride in my drive time, it’s a therapeutic symphony

Put the repeat button on Miles Davis Pandora station

The radio doesn’t have shit on my Open Road Realization


© 2019 Maranate

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