The Carte Blanche

And as the moment began to turn into blogetry

I engulfed in darkness, and melatonin secretes through my pineal

Oh what a thrill it is to have you reading

I would like to have a minute of your time, this evening

So you can tune in whenever you wanna, I’ll be here

Time doesn’t matter, therefore it does not appear

Let the rhythm take your mind away from physical existence

Stop sweating the small shit and lower your resistance

Use the moments just like these to expose my human symptoms

Go beyond the chatter mind and exceed thy own ambitions

There is power in the tapping of your muthaphuckin’ fingers

You better realize this shit, this ain’t a muthaphuckin zinger

Originality in abundance at the Blog Ranch

My Carte Blanche


© 2019 Maranate

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