Military Memories

The first day of basic was truly intense

Thrown off a bus, bags emptied aggresively, damn, a little too much suspense

For seven long hours we sat on concrete, only to receive a 15 minute briefing and one drill sergeant to meet

This muthafucka stood about 6’7, uniform cleaner than a Sunday reverend

Boots shined, creases intact and a Darth Vader resembling voice to match

The year was 2003, three weeks past and I still hadn’t talk to anybody

But the soldiers around me

Fast forward to a different time, if I continue the story that shit will turn into many lines

So once I completed my basic and AIT, I packed my bags, took a two week vacation and headed to Germany

First day off the plane, the sun was shining, not a chance of rain

Larson Barracks was the place I dwelled, after about six weeks there I started to rebel

Orders came out while the unit was at relax, congratulations you’re all going to Iraq

Reality just stepped in

I just got here, frightened by fear, my body begin to tremble

Moral was down, multiple frowns, courage must be reassembled

We trained and trained, day in day out, I finally got over my fears

It crept back in when I realized I had to depend on my peers

So I held my head, smoked some trees, thought about just being overseas

Grateful of this opportunity, and this is portion of my memories


© 2019 Maranate

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