The Meditation

Here I write words to take those out of negative space

Show the power of that emptiness and how to harness it with grace

Give me moments with your mind and I’ll release you from oblivion

Take time to digest these inklings, they’re literally blog obsidians

Pieces of the cooling process, I often do partake

Shake the gravel off our minds in time you’ll have a cake

Happy Birthday to a renewed mind, I’m happy to be of help

I got a bag of lyrical, clinical spirituals makin’ your heart melt

I’m designed to lead you to the shine of your own internal wealth

With plans of writing short stories and books to nurse your health

This blogetry that’s been posted gives me food for when I am famish

Dishes are prepared in abundance, so everybody’s hunger will soon vanish

Sprinkles of magickal cosmic dust does wonders to your frustration

Walking off feeling better and robust, after The Meditation


© 2019 Maranate


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