Winter Deliveries

25th day of the first month of 2019

Scattered thoughts of a fresh year keep me in a state of dream

The season of reflection and contemplation connection

The colloquial of life at this time is Resurrection

In the blessings that are bestowed, the OMNIPRESENCE is unfold

Thoughts are transmitted through your anatomy

All your Lead has turned to Gold

As the winter proceeds to carry out lugubrious potential

I resuscitate the internal with my writing utensils

Embracing the warm comfort flipping temperatures with my spatula

I breath into everyday bringin’ the Summer with my vernacular

I’m a representative of July, astrologically a cancer

Jack Frost over waters releases my inner dancer

Surprised of the mysteries I find in the shivers

Comparable to none, the deliveries of winter


© Maranate 2019

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