Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit

I’m so ready to eat

Table looks so good, I wanna put the moment on repeat

Macaroni & cheese, please hand me another servin’

Crispy fried chicken, its bout to receive a hurtin

I do not eat to much of this type food everyday

But it smells so damn good and I DID NOT COME TO PLAY

Got red rice and collard greens, with a little Texas Pete

Got a napkin and some root beer, so I’m ready to take a seat

By the time I get to the next line, a brownie’s in my hand

My lips so goddamn greasy, they lookin’ like fryin’ pans

I know you’ll probably laugh about this one, I see your teeth

Say your grace and stuff ya face

Oh yeah

Bon appetit


©Maranate 2019

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