Use It For Your Rise

Life is filled with everything and that is no surprise

But the magick is acceptance, then you use it for your rise

No matter what your idiosyncrasies are, they disguise

All the value inside of you, so just use them for your rise

DISCIPLINES’ required if your’re gonna rise any higher

Doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you are a tryer

Stay persistent in your doing, you’ll be giving yourself the clueing

Keep your bullshit to a minimum and stay mindful of what you’re chewing

Keep your BOOKS wide open and always stay educated

In a world of contradictory, YOUR TRUTH SHALL NOT BE DEBATED

Keep your three eyes open, use THE SPIRIT and INTELLECT

Whenever the anger rises, USE THAT FIRE TO ACCEPT

Everything that happens to you, it MIGHT COME AS A SURPRISE

But it’s Cosmically Conspired, so just USE IT FOR YOUR RISE




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