The Kid Who Grew Up

Think back to the time when you decided who and what you wanted to be

Did you meet that particular goal, is that your current reality

If it isnt, don’t get angry, just remember what you said

If your doing something similar today, continue to move ahead

Alot of times we criticize ourselves about our past

Just concentrate on your current hand and reconstruct your math

Slowly take your time and add the essentials you were missin’

Subtract all of the elements that deprived you of your ambition

Since the age of 9 I wanted to be a Hip-Hop artist

But the trading of my authenticity was quite retarded

So the future that I currently posess has made my day

And the lessons I have learned has given me so much to say

Now that 9 year old lil boy is so happy and full of luck

And the wise young man before you is the kid who just grew up



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