The Vibe Creates The Tribe

The cultivation of the message exceeds your Earthly life

If I attempt to give you something, I shall do that shit right

My profanity reflects the intense power that’s in me

But the value that I spread is just like electricity

As I overflow your cup with the sweet nectar of inflection

All the rules of creation shall be broken with my connection

If you’re made in the image of your creator to create

How the fuck can another human tell you how to participate

When the children of the future, later, ask me “how’d you do”

I will grant them with an infinite knowledge to get them through

The very work before them will always be right on time

The Microcosm of The Macrocosm is My Mind

For the individuals at this present time, listen up

Every sentence you persist in, in the future, you’ll meet back up

The frequency of words IS REAL and it keeps you alive

Also creates the Frequency that manifests your Tribe


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