The Tour De Force

Temperatures begin to rise the worry is in the eyes

No need to ostricize, got a cosmic alliance everything is spiritized

Tell you to just start something as soon you begin

The shaking of their boots will insinuate you can win

Breakin’ all traditions, if you like it take a listen

Try to stop The Force keep wishin’ there’s a grave, now start the diggin’

Still young in years but growin’, I’ve accepted it, if its showin

I’ll keep writing of The Knowin, my blogetics is mind blowin

Haikus, sonnets, acrostics and sijos

Odyssies, tankas, I haven’t begin to show

The variety of poetry is universally ample

10 days into blogging, this is nuthin’ but a sample

With a vision to keep writing until I leave this Earthly suit

Til the very moment I’m done, my poetic pistol will shoot

The Dr. Suess of my time, wanna give you something Divine

Every single post I will roast all the negative in your mind

Lay your self defeating thoughts down, this is divorce

An allow me to recruit you and enjoy

The Tour De Force


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