Rhymes and Reasons

I once was a kid, headphones on a daily basis

Hiphop on playback, stabilized homeostasis

The gripping of a pen and pad, made me self aware

My alliance to my mental state, left me without a care

In a world that is the mirror of a double edge sword

I look deep within myself and my rhymes to find the Lord

The encouragement came back in the form of answered prayers

Keep reading through my reasons, my rhymes have many layers

As we travel through my childhood, I’ll give you my history

Ninja Turtles and Darkwing Duck all over my t.v.

As we traveled back in this reading,

I told that kid I’m succeeding

I apologized to him for short comings and all mistreatings

Now that I have grown and graduated to new seasons

I finally understand that kid’s Rhymes and all his Reasons



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