Heavenly Guidance


I do not resist

I’m guided every move and receive almost every wish

My is heart is lined with knowing, whenever you see me glowing

It’s the God in my body, that’s what you see as I’m growing

So I surf…….


The Earth is my turf, I have always said these words because I knew since my birth

Use to tell my mother “mommy, we are rich in spirit”

I was so young, you should’ve seen her face whenever I said the shit



Nowadays. I have realized my purpose in a couple different ways

No need to listen to critics, I’m guided by many spirits, in the middle of the night is when I always really feel it

Keep livin’


I’m so ETERNAL, death is an illusion and I breath through all my journals

The process called “aging” has given me all the science

Now I rely on my Irreplacable Heavenly Guidance



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