Brevity Longevity

Snatch words from the stratosphere

I disappear and reappear then become clear to the ear

I dramatize then strategize and blogamatize every move

I rhythamize and neutralize, I do it all so smoove

I analyze, desensitize then galvanize you into action

I energize, revitalize then synergize in fashion

I customize, magnetize then I mesmerize you with words

I use the 8 parts of speech to make up all kinds of lines you ain’t never heard

I polarize, centralize then I advertise all these stanzas

I visualize, synchronize then I make you all go bananas

I harmonize, hypnotize, liberalize everyday

I advise, baptize, and I socialize in my specialized way

I naturalize, memorize then maximize my Longevity

I realize then digitize, and that’s how I made Brevity


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