The Hip-Hop Tune-In

Hours like this I grab the mist of it all and download

I explode on the canvas of digital pads and notebooks

Leave stains on your brain, blogetically leave you shook

Metaphors, portal doors, an abundance of Hip-hop

I capture moments like their oppents in every tick tock

I leave behind whatever exist all around me

I place myself into a cosmic zone so instantly

The arrival of this tuning will be so hiphop-ishly

By the time you get to the end of this you all shall see

As the tuning overcomes me, this is hiphop-ology

An alumni of the art, I love to incorporate rigorously

Every blog, every time, it is so therapeutic to me

When I merge with the monsters I emerge so incredibly

Open windows of my temple leave me open to the sea

My subconscious brightly beaming of my true reality

Got the hiphop running through me and it’s so blogagickly

That’s the ending of this tune-in

This is my spirituality


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