If you’re wonderin, here it goes

He’s that dude with the blogetic flow

He’s new on the scene, but he’s been doin’ this for a while

Probably been writin’ ever since a 10 year old child

He’s seen alot of things in this life, listen to what I say

Resignation in a blog station in Everywhere, U.S.A

He will only share my truth and all perspectives of his person

He will express a whole lot, but that’s his fuckin way of workin’

Ever since the day he logged into this wordpress account

Its been an influx of brand new thoughts comin’ in insane amounts

He’s a veteran who Uber’s and expresses online

He’s a researcher who’s constantly tryin’ to blow his own mind

The type dude who understands everyone is on a path

He keeps things transparent by using science and some math

He appreciates the likes and follows, thank you for your support

He’ll continue to give you timeless work

Allow me to abort


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