The Quantum Blogger

The use of words gives me the power to jump between times

Hold on to the edge of your seat let me take you into your mind

What is it that you feel, is it happiness or sadness

Or do you suffer from something of your past bringin’ madness

Right now, lets go to the very moment of that pain

Get an understanding of your monsters, I hope you are sustained

No matter what age this terrible event might’ve happened

Let’s go back further more to see if there’s anymore trappins’

You probably think I’m insane, but do not let me lose ya

Now lets take care of those monsters before they interfere with your future

Close your eyes and realize, this pain is apart of you

So merge with these monsters, be patient, we’re almost through

I urge you to come back for more if things get any darker

And you can travel time along side the

Quantum Blogger


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