The Equalizer of Life

Existence. Existence.

Comes with many songs

Some sweet and filled with soothing melodies

Some melancholic and long

The key is in riding the highest of frequencies

Maintaining the balance of the rainbow color scheme

Red for the survival, security and your grounding

Use too much of it, negative becomes your surrounding

Orange is your emotions and sexual intimacy

Overuse of this is not quite to healthy

Yellow is your energy, vitality and power

Keep this one refreshed or be drained in every hour

Green is for compassion, your love and your hope

If it doesn’t shine the brightest your reality is on a tight rope

Blue is the communication, creativity and healing

Recieve very little, you suffer internal bleeding

Indigo is clairvoyance, intuition and psychic sense

Avoid this magic color and your life becomes chaotic suspense

Purple is the understanding, cosmic conscious and enlightening

Stray away from this shade existence is deemed frightening

As we swim through the spectrum of serenity and strife

Pay attention to your soundtrack levels in The Equalizer of Life


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