Mind Monsters

Whispers in the day, whispers in the night

I use to complain about’em, I use to put up a fight

I’ve come to realization that they just want some attention

So I grab my phone or notebook every time and take a listen

They tell me all kinds of cool things I didn’t know before

When I stay calm with no fear, them muthafuckas tell me more

They said “anytime you feel any type of negativity

That’s just us trying to message you and set yo ass free”

I said “you sure about that, it sounds crazy to me”

They said “we are the internal fire inside the human anatomy”

I guess that would explain the scripture ” satan get behind thee”

You all have power over these mental entities

There ain’t no running or hiding, their only reflections of you

If you feel the Devil’s busy, well then yo ass is busy too

So the next time you feel yourself getting bothered by a haunter

Sit down, be cool, you control the Mental Monsters


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