Blog Love

Feel this frequency as I emit it with passion

If I follow you I love your work guaranteed satisfaction

I’ve come to understand that we all have many gifts

I read you guys blogs and instantly feel a shift

Educate, stimulate, cultivate and narrate

I hear the email ding and goddammit I can’t wait

It’s not just information, poetry and pictures

Every blog I digest I can hear your soul whisper

The time and effort you all put in is very appreciated

I’m moved by your work even when the shit ain’t updated

Empty follows and likes from me

Never worry about that

You come to my domain and follow, goddammit I will follow back

Rather you know it or not we’re building a community

I really don’t give a fuck about numbers, its all about creative unity

In due time we all shall grow and continue in our success

But for now let’s be OUR spectators and commit to our best

So we’re all “Ready Player One” if you can understand that reference

Go watch the movie if you haven’t and you’ll understand my preference

We part once again, when we meet up I can’t wait

I got nuthin but BLOG LOVE for y’all, so keep me UP TO DATE


© 2019 Maranate


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