Wounds of Wisdom

Childhood was pretty cool, despite all the embarrassments, hyperactivity, multiple psychiatrists and a bunch of pills to keep my energy tolerant. They say the kid is disruptive and all over the place, Adderall and Ritalin all up in my face. From the classroom to the nurse office was the walk of shame, intercoms ringing with the shout of my name. A 15 year old working a job to pay bills, that’s the reason I hate 9 to 5’s now, the shit makes me ill. These situations we’ve accumulated throughout our years, they only are reflections of our bravest moments and our deepest fears. We grow up in small towns and big cities not quite to sure, but as soon as we’re older we look back and realize so much more. I dive deep into my past and scavage hunt for the gold, I meditate on my dark days and watch beauty unfold. Can you relate to these lines, I’m sure you will find, a piece of my story in your very own mind. I leave you with encouragement to awake as the sleeper in DUNE, I leave you with the option to find the WISDOM IN THE WOUND.



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