The Cosmic Dance

Every chance I get I create a timeless piece, I use the middle of the night as a portal to the deceased. They give me what I need, I sit still in anticipation, I feel the words oozing through my thoughts of stimulation. I go back and forth with the yin and the yang, I build on the internal fire and then spit it with my slang. Utilizing the fabric of the uni-verse to accomplish my every feat, you might read these words and hear the song, but understand I need no beat. Life is a musical and my shit has an infinite amount of songs, I write these muthafuckas like McDonalds serve burgers, all day long. I share Brahma with the world, because the world is just my reflection, I grip my pen and pad and document my every lesson. So until the next time you read and I have another chance, lets enjoy the distance between us and bask in this Cosmic Dance.


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